Merge & Fuzzy Merge
Beyond connecting a single dataset, you can create a new dataset by merging two or more datasets. By clicking “Add Step,” you can select an additional dataset, whether it’s a Table, a Google Sheets connection, or from Salesforce or Snowflake.
Then, hit “Add Step” again, and select “Merge.” You can now select the Primary Dataset and Supplementary Dataset to merge, as well as the column to match on. In the below example, two customer churn datasets are merged on the customerID column.

Fuzzy Merge

By default, the match sensitivity is a “fuzzy merge,” which means that the datasets will be merged, even if the column names aren’t completely identical.
Alternatively, you can select “Exact Match Only” under the match sensitivity section, which will only merge the datasets on exact column matches.

Merge Type

The next setting is “Merge Type,” which allows you to select between these two options:
  • Keep all rows in primary dataset
  • Keep only rows which appear in both datasets

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