The Report Section allows you to save collected charts from Chat Explore and share them with your end users. You can organize multiple reports within a project using tabs, making navigation and presentation simple.

💬 Chat in Reports

The Chat Explore tab can be used as the regular Chat Explore. But this chat will be shared out as a part of the report. The receiver of the report will also be able to use this Chat Explore section. These changes can be toggled to save or not.

There are two ways to add charts to your Report tabs. The first is selecting "Add to Report" directly from Chat Explore.

The second is to add your generated chart within the Reports tab.

Select "Add component" and then "Add chart". This will open up a panel containing all of your generated charts from Chat Explore.

Text can also be added to your report. After selecting "Add component," you can select "Add text" to add a title and description to that segment of your report.

🔍 Insights in Reports

You can also add charts directly from a predictive model’s outcomes into your report tabs. Click “Add component” and select any of the predictive results.

🗂️ Sharing for Reports

Reports can be shared by selecting the "Share" option at the top of the Reports tab.

Allow others to edit - Enable others to edit the existing charts and add to the report in the shared Explore tab.

Save end user chats - When others use the shared Explore tab, this option toggles whether or not their chats and generated charts are saved.

  • "Shared with your team" is the default share option. Anyone with the url will need to log into an account on your Team to access. This can be changed to "Public to anyone with the link".

  • External sharing requires the "Build-On Package" plan.

  • Individual access controls per tab, including data download restrictions, is a planned feature to be released soon.

🛌 Embeddable Reports

The entire report, including the chat explore tab, can be embedded on any site or within a BI tool such as Looker Data Studio and Tableau.

To do this, change your share option to "Embed" where you can copy the iframe code.

Copy this iframe code to embed your report into your BI tool of choice.

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