Google BigQuery (Service Account)

BigQuery (Service User) support is currently in beta. Please raise any issues you encounter via the chat bubble in the bottom-right of the site, and we'll be happy to help.


Our BigQuery integration allows you to import your data, allowing you to clean and transform your data as well as ask it questions via Chat Explore.
This connection uses a Google Cloud service account. You will need access to IAM within your Google Cloud project.

Create a Service Account

Click on this link to go to Google Cloud's service accounts page:
If necessary, click on "CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT" and set up a user.
You must assign a Role to the user that has at least the following IAM Permissions: BigQuery Data Editor, BigQuery Job User, BigQuery Read Session User You may use an existing role or create a new one. For documentation on how to create a Google IAM role, visit

Download Service Account Token

Click on this link to go to Google Cloud's service accounts page:
Click the 3 dots next to your service account and select Manage keys
Click the Add Key button and select "Create new key"
Choose JSON. Clicking "Create" will download the JSON token

Importing Data into Akkio

To import data, first create a new flow.
Select the Google BigQuery Service Account button.
Name your connection (like "My BigQuery Connection") and upload the JSON key you downloaded
Enter your BigQuery's dataset and table name information
Your data will begin to load
After a dataset is connected, the Flow will look the same as usual; you can merge with another dataset, modify using Chat Data Prep, or make a prediction.