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Building your Zapier Zap

Log into Zapier and start a new workflow. Because we will monitor Twitter, we will begin with the Twitter integration and connect it to our account. Because I don’t run a restaurant, we will use my Twitter handle @jonathonreilly. We will search for when my account is mentioned:

And we will trigger on my handle.

You can then quickly confirm that the trigger is working correctly by validating that it pulls your latest mention. The next step is to pass the mentions (reviews) to the Akkio model we set up in Step 1. Add a step, search Akkio, and connect it. Then choose the event “make a prediction,” as shown below:

Next, you will need to connect your Akkio account. You only need to do this step once. After that, all your deployed ML models will be available in Zapier. Follow the link to your team settings page in the Akkio web app, copy and paste your API key, then choose to continue.

Now that your Akkio account is connected to Zapier, you can continue with the deployment or exit. Please look at the Zapier Deployment Page for more details and testing options.

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