Lead Scoring

A demo of lead scoring for a tech startup.

Machine learning has revolutionized the way companies approach lead scoring, allowing them to leverage the power of data to identify the leads that are most likely to convert into paying customers. Akkio is a powerful machine-learning platform that can help users get the most out of lead-scoring their data, providing valuable insights and predictions that can be used to optimize sales efforts and increase revenue.

The tech company lead scoring dataset is a collection of 10,000 leads that have been scored based on their likelihood to convert into a customer. The dataset contains 13 columns, including job title, years of experience, company size, industry, location, website visits, resources downloaded, attended webinar, email open rate, email click rate, response to the survey, days since last interaction, and positive lead.

Use this dataset to understand how Akkio can make predictive lead scoring work for you.

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