Akkio Data Chat for Slack

Setting up Akkio's Integration between Chat Explore and Slack

Akkio Data Chat for Slack support is currently in beta. Please raise any issues you encounter via the chat bubble in the bottom-right of the site, and we'll be happy to help.

Akkio Data Chat for Slack allows you to chat directly with Chat Explore from your Slack workspace.

Setting it Up

Navigate to the Chat Explore Screen.

If you haven't yet connected Akkio and Slack, you'll see a "Connect Slack Account" button in the top right.

Once you click this, you'll be brought to Slack's permissions grant screen. Review the permissions granted, and when ready, click allow.

After you grant permissions, you will be returned to the homepage. Your Slack and Akkio accounts are now connected.

Return to the Chat Explore page on any flow. You'll see that the Akkio Data Chat for Slack button now reads, "Create Slack Channel."

Click the icon. After a moment, the button will change to the channel name that was created, and you will be automatically sent an invite to the Slack channel by the bot for Slack.

The channel name is always the same as the flow name, with a minor transformation step due to Slack's channel naming limitations.

If you go to the channel, you'll see that the channel's topic contains instructions on how to use the bot.

To ask it a question, mention it with @Akkio and ask your question. It'll let you know when it receives your request and is working on an answer.

After a short delay, you'll get your results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Slack + Chat Explore remember my previous questions?

Slack + Chat Explore treats a Slack thread as a full chat. So, if you reply in the thread, everything before in that thread will be used, and if you ask something in the main channel, it will treat that as a fresh chat.

Charts and Tables sent in the initial response to a main channel question will also be sent to the main channel for easier viewing. For questions on Chat Explore in general refer to the Explore section.

What information does Akkio collect? What is Akkio's Privacy Policy?

Akkio's privacy policy can be found here.

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