Chat Explore

Overview of the Chat Explore feature

Chat Explore is a chat interface to explore, visualize, and talk to your data; powered by GPT4. This page will use example prompts to demonstrate the functionality of both Chat Explore and the Reports screen.

Chat Prompt Suggestions

  • Summarize the data in the text - This will return an overview of the dataset in plain English. This can be useful when exploring unfamiliar data or when generating executive summaries. Try asking for it summarized in an email for specific formatting.

  • Generate Graph - Create a graph with or without variable sources.

  • Tell me three interesting insights - Chat Explore can find interesting trends in your data for you.

Chat Explore Feedback

With each response is a thumbs-up or thumbs-down option. If you did not get the expected answer, you can thumbs down the response to provide feedback to our team.

Unsure why Chat Explore did something? Or how it did something? Ask it. Chat Explore is a conversation window that remembers previous prompts and responses.

Chat Explore Sharing

You can easily share the functionality of Chat Explore with colleagues and customers by sending them a dedicated link to your dataset and the Chat Explore Interface. Select Share in the upper right of the screen.

A window with sharing options will display. The top will have the link to the shared interface, which includes a graphic of your dataset and the prompt window, as shown below.

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