You can use the Salesforce connector to directly connect your Salesforce account to Akkio, making it easy to build and deploy AI models on Salesforce data.
To connect your Salesforce account, you simply need to select Salesforce in either the input or output steps of the flow navigator.
Note that, to connect with Salesforce, you need a Salesforce Edition with API access, which can be Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance. The Group, Essentials, and Professional Editions do not have API access.
If you don’t already have a relevant Salesforce account, you can sign up for a Salesforce Developer Trial, which includes example datasets, such as “opportunity.csv,” which we’ll use below to predict the probability of a lead being won.
Now, we can click on the second step in the AI flow, which is “Predict.” Under “predict fields” you can select the column to predict, named “Won.”
Then just hit “Create Predictive Model,” and you’re done! Now that we’ve built a model, it’s time to deploy it in the real-world.
Since we’ve made predictions based off of Salesforce data, let’s deploy our model back in Salesforce as well, and update our Salesforce data with our predictions. Simply add a third step, and select Salesforce as the output. From there, configure your output settings according to the desired schedule, run rules, and so on.
And you’re done! Once you’ve filled in the desired configuration, simply hit “Deploy,” and you’ll have a live AI model making predictions on Salesforce data.