Account Settings


This section contains basic account information. Starting with your name in your account, which can be edited at any time. This will change the name on any Akkio invoices, emails, or other communication you receive.

Your account email can also be found here, however, this can not be edited. Reach out to if an email change is necessary.

Login Management will sign you out no matter where you are signed in from. So if you are logged in on multiple tabs or devices, all will be logged out here.

Deleting your account will permanently delete your account, Teams, projects, and datasets. If you have other members on your Organization plan, you will have to remove them first before deleting your account.


Change your password here. You will be prompted to enter your current password to change it to a new one.

Two-Factor Authentication

You may enable two-factor authentication for your account using your phone number.

Enabling two-factor authentication will require you to authenticate your account each time you log in by entering a 6 digit code that is texted to your phone number.

You may first be prompted to verify your email address. After selecting "Enable 2FA" follow the prompts to verify your email and phone number.

You can return to the security screen at any time to disable two-factor authentication. You will be automatically logged out upon doing so.


You can choose to receive emails about new features and other news.

The legal section contains our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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