Account Settings

Your Account Settings page features your personal information, including your name and email, your plan, your usage, any integrations you’ve set up, and more. This page is accessible by clicking the “Account” tab in the top-right of Akkio, and then the “Account Settings” drop-down item.
Clicking the “Account” tab also gives you the option to log out of Akkio.
Click Account -> Account Settings now.


This section contains basic account information such as email and Account Creation date. This information is not editable.


The “Plan” section tells you what plan you’re on: Either Starter, Professional, or Enterprise. Below, you can see a Starter plan with 10,000 monthly actions, which is in the Trial period.
You can click “Upgrade” to seamlessly upgrade to any plan. Each plan has monthly and annual billing options, with a 20% discount given for annual billing.


The “Usage” section tells you how many Akkio “Actions” you’ve taken over the last month, and your usage limit. For example, the free tier has a limit of 1,000 actions.
In the screenshot below, the user used the “Churn Prediction Demo” to predict churn on 7,043 customers, and nothing else, so the Usage section shows that 7,043 Actions were taken. The user also has another team, named “Second Team,” that hasn’t yet completed any Actions.

What is an action?

An action is a prediction, a data merge, or generally when Akkio acts on a record. Every time you send a row or record to your ML model and return a result it counts as a single action.
NOTE: Training your model does not count as using actions.
For example: Querying a model via web-page deployment will count as a single action. Sending a single record via API and returning a result counts as a single action. Uploading a CSV with 100 rows of data and producing prediction results for each row counts at 100 actions. Merging two databases with 1,000 rows is 1,000 actions.

How many actions do I need?

The number of actions you need depends on how many records (or single rows in a database) you want to predict each month. Actions are purchased in monthly buckets (10K, 100K, 1M, etc).

What happens if I hit the action limit on my plan?

You will be prompted to upgrade your plan. If you do not upgrade, your models may pause until your actions reset the next month (e.g. if your subscription began on May 4th, your action count will reset on the 4th of each month).

Can I upgrade my plan to add more actions later?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time.


You can update your first and last name in Akkio under the “Profile” header. This will change the name on any Akkio invoices, emails, or other communication you receive.


Update your email address here.


Change your account password here. Its always best to use a strong unique password.


The integrations section will show you any tools you’ve integrated with Akkio, such as Salesforce or Snowflake.
Note that, to connect with Salesforce, you need a Salesforce Edition with API access, which can be Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance. The Group, Essentials, and Professional Editions do not have API access.
In this section, you can also remove any integration. In the example below, the user has a Salesforce integration connected, which can be removed by clicking “Remove integration.”


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