Role Based Access Control

Akkio supports standard Role Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality to empower your business and employees to get the most out of the platform. This page will review a few terms, their meanings, and the functional control and specialization empowered by the team's functionality.

User Types

Each user type has different functions within your team and the Akkio Product. We will note those here.

  • Owner - Creator of the Team and owner of the billed account. Predictions on a team will be deducted from the plan of the owner of that team. This user will also be contacted for billing questions and is generally considered the primary contact. The owner is also responsible for setting up any integrations with Akkio. Those integrations will be passed down to the team. NOTE: This does not include google sheets which are user-specific.

  • Admin - User with power to promote, demote and modify team membership. This excludes the owner; no predictions can be taken concerning the owner's account from an admin account.

  • Member - Standard users

Team Functionality

Teams allow users to collaborate, view each other's projects, and share a paid prediction plan. Users in a team will see a joint bucket of projects and datasets. Individual users cannot modify other users' projects or datasets but can view, run, and copy them to make new iterations.

API Keys

Please note that API keys are Team specific.

Account vs. Team

An account is a user with a single email and login. That account can be the member or owner of many teams. That user can have one plan attached to it that is then inherited by any teams they own. Its plan does not benefit or take from teams they are only members/admins of.


For team creation and management issues, please contact our support team via chat or at

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