Airtable (Beta)

How to set up Airtable Imports

Airtable support is currently in beta. Please raise any issues you encounter via the chat bubble in the bottom-right of the site, and we'll be happy to help.


Our Airtable integration allows you to:

  • Import your data, allowing you to clean and transform your data as well as ask it questions via Chat Explore.

You must allow network traffic from the public IP address in order to allow Akkio to access your data.

Importing Data

To import data, first create a new project.

Select the Airtable button.

Click "Connect Dataset" to add a new dataset.

Enter connection details for your database.

We need these fields to pull your data in:

  • Personal Access Token: You can generate one here: This token must have scopes data.records:read and schema:bases:read as well as Access settings that permit access to whichever table you are trying to import.

Fill this information out then hit the "Continue" button. Next you will be prompted to enter the Base and Table names.

Fill this information in and hit "Continue." We will then validate the connection.

If we're successful, you'll move forward to the data loading screen, where your data is syncing behind the scenes.

You may need to wait for a little bit for the data to import. Rest assured that we're importing data behind the scenes. Small datasets should only take a few minutes; large datasets may take longer.

Once your data is done importing, you'll see it populate onto the screen.

From here, you can do anything you like to the data - clean and transform it on the Prepare tab, ask Chat Explore questions on the Explore tab, you name it!

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