Identify Customer Churn

Customer churn, which refers to users ceasing to use a product, is a significant threat to businesses. Predicting customer churn is crucial for taking proactive actions to retain customers, and machine learning offers a solution to this challenge. By analyzing historical customer data, machine learning models can identify patterns in churn and predict which customers are likely to churn next. Akkio's machine learning technology provides an accessible way to develop and deploy churn prediction models, ultimately improving the bottom line of businesses.

Because real customer data is highly sensitive, and protected by a number of data regulations like GDPR, this is a synthetic dataset generated by an IBM data science team.

This file has 7,043 rows of customers and 21 columns, or 20 features excluding the target column. The data includes a column called “Churn,” which is simply “Yes” or “No.” This is what we’re trying to predict.

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