Organization Settings


The members sections shows each user in your organization. Including their Name, Email, Seat Type, and Role.

At the top, you can see the amount of unassigned seats remaining in your plan. Changing a user's Type, which can be changed back at any time, will change the number of remaining seats.

You can invite more members to your Organization by selecting "Invite."

Once the receiver of the invite has accepted the invitation sent to their email, they will be added as a View Only Member to your organization.

  • Note: A user can only be in one Organization, and switching is an irreversible action. Meaning, if you accept an invite to another organization, you will not be able to re-enter the previous one.

Below Members, you will find your Guests list. These are members in one of your Teams, but are not currently in your Organization.

Listed are the users' Name, Email, Teams that you own that they are a part of, and a link to invite them to your Organization. This invite link operates the same as a manual Organization invite.


The Usage section shows how many Predictions you have remaining on your organization's plan for the current month. Along with a breakdown of that Prediction usage across your Teams.


The Billing section gives a breakdown of your different plans and packages across your account and organization.

*Note: if you are not the organization owner, this page will only show a message with your organization's owner's email, stating to contact them for details.

Active subscriptions is a cost breakdown of your organization. This includes your Enterprise plan (if applicable), number of seats, and any applicable Data and/ or Build-On Packages. Find the full breakdown of each of these subscriptions on our Pricing Page.

Below your subscriptions is your billing details. Selecting "Manage Billing Details" will bring you to a separate screen listing your payment method, billing information, and invoice history. You can also edit your payment methods and billing information here.

At the bottom of the Billing page is the option to cancel your subscription.

This will cancel ALL subscriptions, seats, add-ons, and upgrades of your organization. A final confirmation box will appear after selecting "Cancel subscriptions".

Your current subscription will carry until it's conclusion listed here. At which point the cancelation will become active.

White Labeling

With the Build-On Package, you can white label specific external facing sections of Akkio, including:

  • Web App Deployments

  • Insights Report Page

  • Shared Chat Explore Pages

  • Dashboards

Select "upload" to begin setting your logo up for white labeled pages:

You can also change the name of your chat assistant.

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