Team Setup

Your Team Settings page features your team information, including a team overview, members, and API keys. This page is accessible by clicking the “team” tab in the top-right of Akkio. You can have more than one team, and can create a team by simply clicking “Create Team” and giving it a name.
Creating a team makes it easy to manage members and their roles.


The Team Settings Overview tells you your team name(s), and its number of members, flows, and datasets. Here, you can change the team name, or delete the team.


The members section shows you all the members in the team, including their names, emails, dates joined, and role (owner, admin, or member).
One of the best ways to explore collaboration in Akkio is by inviting members to your organization and creating teams. You can do so simply by entering their email, and they’ll be added as soon as they accept the email invite.
The person whom you send an invite will receive an email, and the below prompt upon clicking “accept invite.”
As an Owner, you can remove a member at any time in this section, or upgrade their role to “Admin” instead of “Member.”

API Keys

The API keys section simply gives the API key for the current team, which is used for the Akkio API. You can copy-and-paste this API key to authenticate any workflows or integrations that require it.